Handcrafted Catnip Knots
Handcrafted Catnip Knots
Handcrafted Catnip Knots
Handcrafted Catnip Knots
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Handcrafted Catnip Knots

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Catnip knots promote active play and exercise and can deliver our soft chew functional feline supplements in an engaging way for your cat! The enticing catnip mixed with the textured ends are built for endless fun and stimulation. 

What a fun way to enhance their daily supplementation and provide the mental stimulation needed to keep them happy and engaged!

Handcrafted by our friend and partner, Brent, with Pets Pizzazz, each catnip knot is made with hand tied strips of fleece to ensure your pet has a great experience. We are proud to support Brent, a pet-entrepreneur on the autism spectrum. 

How to Use:

  • Entwine one or two of our feline functional soft chew supplements between two ends of their catnip knot.
  • Tie those two fleece ends together to add an extra challenge for your cat to find their supplements.
  • Repeat daily!

Pick which of our InClover feline functional soft chew supplements you want to add to your pet’s snuffle mat:

Helpful Tips: 

We suggest storing your catnip knot in a Ziploc bag in the freezer to extend the life of the catnip. Prolong supplement feeding engagement by breaking each soft chew into smaller pieces.

Caring for your Knot:
Pets Pizzazz catnip knots can be hand rinsed and hung to dry. Do not use detergent or soap as it will contaminate the catnip.