Dog Dental Chews & Dental Health Powders

dental health starts from within

you're obsessed with your dog- that makes two of us, and it's why we're the only supplement scientifically designed to support your dog’s unique physiology. we take an allopathic and holistic approach to developing our products and use natural, usda organic ingredients with a strong commitment to sustainability.  we formulate our products in-house where we can take a careful eye over the quality of our ingredients (because again, we're obsessed with your dog). 

80% of dogs by the age of 3 will develop some form of periodontal disease due to dental neglect.  we've made it easy to care for your dog's teeth and dental health with our range of dental supplements. available in soft chews and powders that can be used as tasty meal toppers or a sweet treat to remineralize enamel, dissolve plaque, keep gums healthy and sweeten breath all without the need for a toothbrush.