Grin | Dental Soft Chew Supplement For Dogs
Grin | Dental Soft Chew Supplement For Dogs
Grin | Dental Soft Chew Supplement For Dogs
Grin | Dental Soft Chew Supplement For Dogs
Grin | Dental Soft Chew Supplement For Dogs
Grin | Dental Soft Chew Supplement For Dogs
Grin | Dental Soft Chew Supplement For Dogs
Grin | Dental Soft Chew Supplement For Dogs

Grin | Dental Soft Chew Supplement For Dogs

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FEBRUARY IS DENTAL HEALTH MONTH AND TO CELEBRATE OVERALL DENTAL HEALTH, WE ARE OFFERING A FREE BAG OF GRIN OR SMILE WITH THE PURCHASE OF EACH JAR OF BIOBRILLIANT! We don't know if you want Grin for your dog or Smile for your cat, just add your choice and the discount will automatically be applied at checkout.

Make dental care a part of your dog’s daily routine with Grin! Scientifically formulated, and proven to work, Grin naturally helps freshen breath, brighten teeth, and promote healthy gums. Grin’s tasty flavor is loved by dogs and you will love giving him a proven supplement to help optimize his dental wellbeing! Your dog won’t be just smiling, he will be GRINning!

Benefits of GRIN:

  • The natural ingredients in Grin work in the mouth to tackle tartar, plaque and the bacteria that cause bad breath.
  • Grin contains a prebiotic to promote good bacteria in the gut, which also encourages fresh breath!
  • Grin’s tasty, vegetarian formula has been proven in palatability studies to make sure it has a taste dogs love!


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Jennifer M.
United States United States

Dogs love these Grin treats

My dogs look for them every morning and wait patiently until they receive them. Their breath has improved. I have my dad using them for his dog.

Linda S.
United States United States

Another great InClover product!

We have added in Grin dental chews for our senior Goldendoodle for several months. She absolutely loves Grin chews and they are brightening her teeth back to when she was younger with a healthier smelling and looking mouth! I also find they help her tummy if she feels a little off. We are so impressed with InClover products in our daily routine. Connectin and Optagest are a godsend! Have used them for years.

United States United States

Love these!

A friend recommended them, after the vet commended how well they worked. Her dog's tarter build up was gone after using these for a month. Our dog's tarter was really bad. I gave it a shot. I can't say enough how they helped his teeth whiten and his breath smells worlds better! We are 100% sold on these!

Meghan K.

Effective I think??

Used consistently for about a month now. I'm beginning to see a small but noticeable difference in my blue heeler's bad breath. Good dental hygiene (ie brushing their teeth, stimulating their gums w/ certain things to chew on, etc.) is THE most important action to take in preventing bad breath or other oral hygiene issues in your pup, however giving a couple of these to your pup everyday couldn't hurt in preventing bad breath.

Eric C.

Superb Product

I have been using this product for over a year for my two pups. I saw a difference in their gut health and overall breath within a few days. I have not looked back since. I highly recommend this product for all pups.