Canine Fresh Digest
Canine Fresh Digest

Canine Fresh Digest

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Fresh Digest is a scientifically formulated, clinically tested product designed to settle upset tummies, optimize nutrients in food, and to support good digestion in your dog!

In addition to the prebiotic, Fresh Digest contains enzymes that break down fibers, starches, fats, and protein in your dog’s food, making the nutrients more bioavailable.

Fresh Digest for Dogs is an excellent choice as a daily supplement to support good digestive and immune health, or to help your dog maintain intestinal balance during stressful events like traveling or when you are away. Dogs love the taste of Fresh Digest, and it’s easy to use-just sprinkle it on their food daily!

Benefits of Fresh Digest for your Dog:

  • Promotes the “good bacteria” naturally found in your dog’s intestinal tract, which encourages balanced digestion and supports immune health
  • Beneficial for pets that have gas, constipation, or inconsistent stools
  • Aids in increasing the availability of key nutrients in the food
  • Simple formula that doesn’t include any ingredients that would upset sensitive stomachs
  • Promotes a healthy immune system