Canine Large Dog Connectin | Clinically Proven Hip & Joint Supplement, Soft Chews
Canine Large Dog Connectin | Clinically Proven Hip & Joint Supplement, Soft Chews
Canine Large Dog Connectin | Clinically Proven Hip & Joint Supplement, Soft Chews

Canine Large Dog Connectin | Clinically Proven Hip & Joint Supplement, Soft Chews

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Canine Connectin is available in the following formats:

Connectin is the only joint supplement clinically proven by independent researchers to help support comfort and mobility in an average of 15 days*.  Our patented formula nourishes the joint and its surrounding structures to support stiff, aging bodies, or help protect young & healthy joints.  Giving Connectin as a part of your dog’s daily regime supplies all three essential joint building blocks that are critical for healthy joint function.   The InClover scientific team also added a power-packed herbal blend as the chosen ingredients have been proven to deliver noticeable, lasting results for your dog!

Benefits of Canine Connectin:

  • The complete clinically proven joint supplement for dogs
  • Holds 3 patents
  • Delivers Glucosamine, Chondroitin, and Hyaluronic Acid as the 3 key building blocks important for joints in dogs
  • Proven by independent research to deliver noticeable results in your dog’s mobility within an average of 15 days
  • Large Dog format is a concentrated soft chew specially formulated to deliver the correct amount of ingredients to support dogs over 70 pounds
  • Made in the USA with only the most top quality and effective globally sourced ingredients

*Verified by independent veterinary researchers. Clinical data on file.


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Patricia J. Stiles
United States United States

Adding it to the mix

So far, so good. I'm concerned about my dog's joints He's veen o the Connectin powder for years, and now also gets the large breed chews Probably too early to tell, but he seems a bit better.

Lisa M.
United States United States

Great Product

I’ve been using Connectin powder for several years and I’ve recently included the big dog chews. I think the product helps my senior shepherd

Tracy T. Nguyen
United States United States

Go Direct to the source. Game changer for my dog

My American Bully dog is 3yrs old and has severe hip, knee, joint dysplasia and osteoarthritis. Connectin for large dogs is a game changer. It is part of his daily pain Mgmt routine to give him quality of life. Another tip. Get Connectin directly from InClover. It seems super fresh vs. Amazon. When I got the regular Connectin from Amazon, the chews were dry vs. going direct where the chews seems fresh and moist. The first three ingredients listed for large Connectin separates Connectin from all the other joint products out there. It is well worth the cost.

Andrea S.
United States United States

Connectin works!

I had opportunity to try many joint supplements. This is the nly one I found that makes a noticeable difference!

Lauren M.

Works wonders!!

We have an older chocolate lab who will not slow down but his body wasn’t keeping up. Multiple people told us about this product and we hesitated because of the price initially. With their guarantee we went for it and now he’s been using it for over a year and we couldn’t do without it! It’s amazing and makes our dog able to still act young and run around! THANK YOU for creating such a great product! If you’re worried about the price, I promise it is worth every penny!!